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Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most significant global health threats we face today. Dr Muran uses the Bredesen Protocol Treatment which is designed to prevent cognitive decline and reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s.

It is an ailment that, as our population ages, is forecasted to become a worldwide epidemic. Nearly 50 million — will die of Alzheimer’s disease if effective prevention and reversal are not implemented. Mainstream medicine would have you believe that it can’t be prevented, is untreatable, and is progressive, with most patients not surviving beyond three to eleven years post-diagnosis. With the partnership between Dr. Dale Bredesen and Longevity Healthcare, all of that is being challenged.

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Professor Dale Bredesen

Professor Dale Bredesen, an internationally recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, disrupted the mainstream in 2014 with a peer-reviewed medical publication entitled Reversal of cognitive decline: a novel therapeutic programIn this paper, he shared his multi-step precision medicine approach that demonstrated reversal of cognitive decline in nine (out of ten) patients for the very first time. He’s continued to refine his clinical work and several years later published Reversal of cognitive decline: 100 patients in which he outlined one hundred case studies, detailing documented patient improvements, fundamentally changing the way we understand and approach cognitive decline. Additionally, he has conducted a successful peer-reviewed clinical trial and published results in 2022, providing a blueprint of hope for clinicians and patients worldwide. The study, entitled “Precision Medicine Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease: Successful Pilot Project,” is the first clinical trial in history in which, instead of pre-determining a treatment for Alzheimer’s, each patient is evaluated for the many potential contributors to cognitive decline, then the identified contributors are targeted with a personalized, precision medicine approach.

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Factors impacting the brain

In his over 30 years of study, Dr. Bredesen has found that Alzheimer’s results from an imbalance in the brain’s neuroplasticity signaling. As we age and are exposed to multiple assaults over time, damaging forces overtake repair forces, resulting in a downsizing of the brain’s ability and subsequent cognitive decline. Dr. Bredesen’s goal is to change your biochemistry to provide optimal conditions for your brain to thrive. He’s identified over 36 factors (metabolic derangement, poor nutrient status, lack of trophic support, exposure to viruses, etc.) that can trigger “downsizing” in the brain, all of which can be addressed by using the Bredesen Protocol Treatment designed to prevent cognitive decline and reverse the effects of subjective cognitive impairment (SCI), mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and early Alzheimer’s disease.

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Take a free cognitive Test

The Cq or Cognitive Quotient is a cognitive assessment devised by Dale Bredesen, M.D., created specifically to detect early signs of neurological degeneration. The Cq Assessment is comprised of the AQ-6 Questionnaire, a subset of the AQ-21 (a proven informant-based screening questionnaire for Alzheimer’s disease), and an abbreviated CNS Vital Signs assessment (that evaluates executive function, speed processing, verbal and visual memory). Your Cq score is a percentile based on how well you perform compared to age-matched peers..

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Does the Bredesen Protocol Treatment work?

What is the Bredesen Protocol Treatmentused for? The Bredesen Protocol is a multi-faceted, holistic, and functional approach used to enhance cognition and reverse cognitive decline.

The treatments called for in the Bredesen Protocol are very individualized and have shown success in clinical trials of Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Does the Bredesen Protocol work? When the lifestyle changes and treatment plan are implemented at the onset of symptoms, the Bredesen Protocol may work to slow the progression of the disease.

Can the Bredesen Protocol reverse or cure Alzheimer’s disease? There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. However, Dr. Dale Bredesen’s research has culminated in the first program to prevent and reverse some cognitive decline for many participants following the treatment plan’s rigorous lifestyle, nutrition, and health/environmental changes

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