Targeted Treatments

Infectious Disease

Lyme Disease Therapy

As a Lyme literate physician, Dr Muran has been treating Lyme recovery for 15 years collaborating with Drs. Ray Jones, Ray Stricker, Joseph Jemsek and Richard Horowitz. As appears in Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment, the functional medicine approach uncovers the reasons for prior failures in treatment. Simply stated, the need to optimize the health of the body while eradicating the disease. Our practice is very active with the joys of success.

Hormone Replacement Therapy – BHRT

Our goal at Longevity Healthcare is to improve your health and happiness, which in some instances requires personalized hormone balancing and/or replacement. Our hormone program will deliver better quality of life and improved sense of well-being. In all instances, a thorough assessment to address the specific needs are based on the patient’s presentations.

Fungal & Mold Toxin Recovery

Covid 19 Variants & Flu

GI Tract