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A Functional Medicine Approach to Reversing the Disease Process by Blending Conventional & Alternative Medicine

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Treatments Offered at Longevity Healthcare

Alzheimer's Disease - Bredesen Protocol

  • Evidence-based advantage in Stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and reverse cognitive decline to cognitive improvement.
  • “Alzheimer’s Disease is a network insufficiency, often driven in part by inflammation and reduced energetic support.” – Dale Bredesen, MD.

3 Day Detox Delivering a Patented Natural Detox Process

  • Experience confidential, concierge care with MD, ER & Functional medicine physician supervision to support you every step of the way. 
  • Don’t exchange one drug for another, Listen to what other patients have to say about the Muran Method 

Stay Healthy

  • Addressing the root causes of the illness rather than the symptoms results in long-term wellness.
  • Longevity Healthcare utilizes the Functional Medicine model producing an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach.
  • We work hard to understand each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors to create a personalized treatment plan.

Targeted Treatments Include...

  • COVID – Pre-treatment immunity & post-infection or vaccination treatment to reduce fatigue & increase immunity.

  • Mold Toxin – causing fatigue & decreased immunity, where chronic disease begins.

  • Lyme Disease – the silent cause of fatigue, joint pain, & decrease in vitality.

  • Hormonal Replacement – living happier with what you once had.

  • Gastrointestinal Disease – the sight of the most inflammation throughout the brain & body.

  • Toxic Heavy Metal detection and safe removal.

Personalized IV Therapy

  • Personalized care is aimed to help manage conditions that are sometimes missed.
  • Select Health optimization through the proper clinical implementation of IV Therapy, adjunct to medical care.

Longevity Healthcare Patient's Say...

Meet Dr. Pete

Peter Muran, M.D. owner of Longevity Healthcare Center in Newport Beach, CA has over 30 years of experience providing care to patients in a variety of settings. Dr. Muran looks at his patient’s health as a whole when developing a treatment plan. His mission is to focus on listening and understanding his patient’s mind, body, and spirit. Taking a patient-centered approach to healing, Peter Muran, M.D.’s philosophy is to blend internal medicine and naturopathic medicine. Dr. Muran takes a functional medicine approach that looks for the root cause of the patient’s ailments. Through his years of experience, he has found that this root cause is almost always inflammation. In identifying the inflammation there is an emphasis on the external and internal environment, metabolic pathways, genetics, hormonal balance, neurological and psychological well-being, immune health, the ability of the body to detox, and gastrointestinal health. It also includes the balancing of the neurotransmitters and any influences of the DNA response.

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