Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Costa Mesa

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Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Costa Mesa

Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Costa Mesa

Residents of Costa Mesa seeking innovative treatment for Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline can find hope and advanced care at Longevity Healthcare Center in Newport Beach. Our center, under the guidance of Dr. Peter Muran, offers the Bredesen Protocol, a comprehensive program designed to address the multifaceted nature of cognitive impairment.

The Bredesen Protocol: A New Approach to Cognitive Health

Developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen, the Bredesen Protocol is a cutting-edge approach to treating cognitive decline. It’s a personalized program that goes beyond traditional treatment methods, focusing on lifestyle changes and holistic care.

Bredesen Protocol at Longevity Healthcare Center

Personalized Nutritional Plans: Our approach starts with the Ketoflex 12/3 diet, emphasizing brain-healthy nutrients and intermittent fasting, tailored to each individual’s needs.

Customized Exercise Programs: We design exercise regimens that include both cardiovascular and strength training, personalized to suit each patient’s physical capabilities.

Sleep Optimization Techniques: Recognizing the critical role of sleep in cognitive health, our team helps patients establish effective sleep practices.

Stress Reduction Strategies: We incorporate stress management techniques, including meditation and mindfulness, to support overall brain health.

Supplements and Hormonal Balancing: Based on comprehensive evaluations, our team recommends specific supplements and addresses hormonal imbalances, integral to cognitive function.

Why Choose Longevity Healthcare Center for Bredesen Protocol

Expert Guidance: Dr. Peter Muran and our team’s expertise in functional medicine ensures each treatment plan is meticulously tailored to our patients’ unique health profiles.

Accessibility for Costa Mesa Residents: Located at 901 Dover Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, our center is conveniently accessible to those in Costa Mesa, offering a serene and supportive environment.

Holistic Care and Support: We provide comprehensive support, extending beyond medical treatments to include emotional and psychological assistance, essential for patients and their families navigating cognitive decline.


At Longevity Healthcare Center, we are committed to offering Costa Mesa residents a path to improved cognitive health through the Bredesen Protocol. Our personalized approach, led by Dr. Peter Muran, empowers patients in their journey towards enhanced brain function and overall well-being.

If you’re in Costa Mesa and exploring options for Alzheimer’s treatment and cognitive health improvement, the Bredesen Protocol at Longevity Healthcare Center could be your answer. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation and start your tailored journey to better cognitive health.

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