Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Newport Coast

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Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Newport Coast

Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Newport Coast

Situated just moments away from Newport Coast, Longevity Healthcare Center in Newport Beach is proud to offer the revolutionary Bredesen Protocol Treatment, a groundbreaking approach to Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Peter Muran, our center is dedicated to delivering personalized, comprehensive care.

The Bredesen Protocol: A Holistic Approach to Cognitive Decline

Created by Dr. Dale Bredesen, the Bredesen Protocol is a multifaceted approach to treating cognitive impairments. This innovative protocol is designed to target the various contributing factors of Alzheimer’s disease, offering a more holistic and effective strategy than conventional treatments.

Bredesen Protocol Services at Longevity Healthcare Center

Tailored Nutritional Plans: Our team provides personalized dietary guidance, emphasizing the Ketoflex 12/3 diet, which focuses on brain-healthy nutrients and strategic fasting.

Custom Exercise Programs: Understanding the role of physical activity in cognitive health, we create exercise routines that blend cardiovascular and strength training, customized to each patient’s abilities.

Optimized Sleep Practices: Given the importance of sleep in brain function, our specialists assist patients in developing effective sleep habits and routines.

Stress Reduction Techniques: We incorporate various methods, such as meditation and mindfulness, to reduce stress and promote overall brain health.

Supplementation and Hormonal Balancing: Based on comprehensive evaluations, we recommend specific supplements and address hormonal imbalances to support cognitive health.

Why Newport Coast Residents Choose Longevity Healthcare Center

Proximity and Convenience: Located at 901 Dover Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, our center is conveniently accessible to Newport Coast residents, offering a tranquil and supportive treatment setting.

Expert-Led Care: Dr. Peter Muran and our team’s deep expertise in functional medicine ensures tailored, effective treatment plans for every patient.

All-Encompassing Support: We extend our care beyond medical treatments, providing emotional and psychological support essential for patients and their families dealing with cognitive health challenges.


For Newport Coast residents, Longevity Healthcare Center is a gateway to improved cognitive health through the Bredesen Protocol. Under the leadership of Dr. Peter Muran, we offer a path to enhanced cognitive functioning and a better quality of life.

If you’re in Newport Coast and exploring Alzheimer’s treatment and cognitive health improvement, the Bredesen Protocol at Longevity Healthcare Center offers a cutting-edge solution. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation and start your journey to cognitive wellness.

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