Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Laguna Beach

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Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Laguna Beach

Bredesen Protocol Treatment in Laguna Beach

Nestled near the beautiful shores of Laguna Beach, the Longevity Healthcare Center in Newport Beach offers the innovative Bredesen Protocol Treatment, a ray of hope for individuals facing Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. Led by Dr. Peter Muran, our center provides a comprehensive, personalized approach to cognitive health care.

The Bredesen Protocol: Revolutionizing Alzheimer’s Treatment

The Bredesen Protocol, developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen, represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of cognitive decline. This protocol is tailored to address the various factors contributing to Alzheimer’s disease, offering a more holistic and effective approach than traditional methods.

Bredesen Protocol at Longevity Healthcare Center

Customized Nutritional Guidance: Our team provides individualized dietary plans based on the Ketoflex 12/3 diet, focusing on brain-healthy nutrients and appropriate fasting to optimize cognitive function.

Personalized Exercise Regimens: Recognizing the importance of physical activity, we design exercise plans that include cardiovascular and strength training, tailored to each patient’s physical capabilities and needs.

Sleep Optimization: Sleep is vital for brain health; thus, our experts assist patients in establishing effective sleep routines and practices.

Stress Management: We incorporate various stress reduction techniques, such as meditation and mindfulness, to support overall brain health and well-being.

Supplements and Hormonal Balance: Based on thorough assessments, our team suggests specific supplements and hormonal balancing strategies to support cognitive function.

Why Longevity Healthcare Center is the Choice for Laguna Beach Residents

Expert Care: Under the guidance of Dr. Peter Muran, our team’s expertise in functional medicine ensures that each patient’s treatment plan is uniquely suited to their health profile.

Proximity to Laguna Beach: Conveniently located at 901 Dover Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, our center is a short drive for Laguna Beach residents, offering a serene and supportive environment for treatment.

Comprehensive Support: Beyond medical treatment, we offer emotional and psychological support, crucial for patients and their families dealing with cognitive health challenges.


For residents of Laguna Beach, Longevity Healthcare Center represents a new hope in the fight against Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. Our personalized approach to the Bredesen Protocol, led by Dr. Peter Muran, provides a pathway to improved cognitive health and a better quality of life.

Laguna Beach residents seeking a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s treatment and cognitive health improvement, consider the Bredesen Protocol at Longevity Healthcare Center. Contact us to begin your personalized journey toward enhanced cognitive well-being.

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