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COVID 19 is continually producing variations of the original virus, these viral variants infections are not controlled by prior COVID vaccination or prior COVID infection.  Furthermore, repeated boosting of vaccinations results in increase susceptibility to the  COVID omicron subvariants

Mold Toxins

Contact with mold toxins, either through breathing contaminated air or eating contaminated food can have a significant effect on the entire body resulting in imbalance of the immune system, brain (Alzheimer’s Disease). The presence and causing fatigue & decreased immunity, where chronic disease begins. 

Lyme Disease

As a Lyme literate physician, Dr Muran has been treating Lyme recovery for 15 years collaborating with Drs. Ray Jones, Ray Stricker, Joseph Jemsek and Richard Horowitz. As appears in Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment, the functional medicine approach uncovers the reasons for prior failures in treatment. Simply stated, the need to optimize the health of the body while eradicating the disease. Our practice is very active with the joys of success.

Hormonal Replacement

Proper hormone balance and bio-identical hormone replacement is more complicated than just perking up the body with testosterone or estrogen/progesterone.  The main balance target is managing the cortisol production.  The body increases the cortisol production when there is an increase in stress / inflammation and decrease cortisol production when there is a decrease stress / inflammation.

Gastrointestinal Disease

GERD, diarrhea and colorectal cancer are examples of gastrointestinal diseases. When examined, some diseases show nothing wrong with the GI tract, but there are still symptoms. Other diseases have symptoms, and there are also visible irregularities in the GI tract. Most gastrointestinal diseases can be prevented and/or treated.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metal poisoning (toxicity) is the result of exposure to heavy metals like lead, mercury and arsenic. Heavy metals bind to parts of your cells that prevent your organs from doing their job. Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning can be life threatening and they can cause irreversible damage.

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