Alzheimer’s Treatment in San Juan Capistrano

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Alzheimer's Treatment in San Juan Capistrano

Alzheimer’s Treatment in San Juan Capistrano

For those in San Juan Capistrano seeking expert Alzheimer’s treatment, Longevity Healthcare Center in Newport Beach offers a haven of specialized care. Under the guidance of Dr. Peter Muran, the center is renowned for its innovative, personalized treatment approaches, embodying their commitment to “functional medicine and personalized treatments for a longer, healthier life.”

Alzheimer’s Disease: Embracing Personalized Care

Alzheimer’s disease, affecting memory and cognitive functions, requires a tailored approach to treatment. Longevity Healthcare Center prioritizes personalized, compassionate care for each Alzheimer’s patient, acknowledging the uniqueness of their condition.

Alzheimer’s Treatment at Longevity Healthcare Center

Individualized Treatment Strategies: Serving the San Juan Capistrano area, the center offers customized treatment plans for Alzheimer’s patients. These plans, meticulously developed by Dr. Muran and his team, aim to enhance overall quality of life, not just manage symptoms.

Holistic and Integrative Care Techniques: The center’s treatment philosophy extends beyond conventional medication. It includes holistic practices such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle adjustments, and supportive therapies to bolster cognitive and emotional well-being.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Services: Employing the latest diagnostic technologies, the center ensures precise and comprehensive evaluations, fundamental for crafting effective Alzheimer’s treatment plans.

Why San Juan Capistrano Residents Choose Longevity Healthcare Center

Convenient Location: Accessible for San Juan Capistrano residents, the center offers a nearby option for specialized Alzheimer’s care in a peaceful, nurturing environment.

Expertise in Neurological Conditions: Dr. Peter Muran’s extensive experience in treating Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders guarantees exceptional care for patients.

Comprehensive Support System: Understanding the multifaceted challenges faced by Alzheimer’s patients and their families, Longevity Healthcare Center provides a holistic support network, covering medical, emotional, and psychological aspects.

Embarking on a Journey of Compassionate Alzheimer’s Care

Navigating Alzheimer’s treatment requires a supportive environment and expert medical care. Longevity Healthcare Center, easily accessible to San Juan Capistrano residents, offers both, ensuring a comprehensive approach to Alzheimer’s management.


For San Juan Capistrano residents confronting Alzheimer’s disease, Longevity Healthcare Center represents a blend of personalized and functional medicine. Under Dr. Peter Muran’s leadership, the center is a hub of innovative treatment and compassionate care for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

If you or a loved one in San Juan Capistrano is facing Alzheimer’s, Longevity Healthcare Center is ready to help. Contact us at (949) 899-5377 or via email at to explore our personalized approach to Alzheimer’s care.

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