Alzheimer’s Treatment in Newport Beach

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Alzheimer's Treatment in Newport Beach

Alzheimer’s Treatment in Newport Beach

In the serene surroundings of Newport Beach, CA, Longevity Healthcare Center stands as a beacon of hope for individuals and families grappling with Alzheimer’s disease. Under the guidance of Dr. Peter Muran, the center offers innovative and personalized Alzheimer’s treatments, embodying their philosophy, “We provide functional medicine and personalized treatments to help you live a longer, healthier life.”

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease, a complex neurological condition, profoundly affects memory and cognitive abilities. The journey with Alzheimer’s is unique for each individual, necessitating a compassionate, personalized approach to treatment.

Longevity Healthcare Center’s Approach to Alzheimer’s Treatment

Personalized Care Plans: Dr. Peter Muran and his team at Longevity Healthcare Center specialize in creating tailored treatment plans that address the specific needs of each Alzheimer’s patient. These plans are not just about managing symptoms; they aim to enhance overall health and quality of life.

Holistic Treatment Options: The center’s approach to Alzheimer’s encompasses more than traditional medication. It includes holistic strategies like nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and supportive therapies designed to improve cognitive function and emotional well-being.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Employing the latest in diagnostic technology, the center ensures accurate assessments, vital for crafting effective treatment strategies for Alzheimer’s patients.

Why Choose Longevity Healthcare Center for Alzheimer’s Treatment?

Expertise and Experience: Dr. Muran’s extensive experience in dealing with neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s, ensures that patients receive the best possible care.

Empathetic Support: Understanding the challenges faced by patients and families, the center provides not only medical treatment but also emotional and psychological support.

Convenient Location: Easily accessible to residents of Newport Beach and surrounding areas, the center is located at 901 Dover Dr, providing a serene environment conducive to healing.

Join Our Supportive Community

Embarking on a treatment journey for Alzheimer’s can be challenging. At Longevity Healthcare Center, we ensure you’re not alone in this. Our supportive community and expert team are committed to providing the care and assistance you need.


Alzheimer’s disease demands more than a one-size-fits-all approach. At Longevity Healthcare Center in Newport Beach, our dedication to personalized, functional medicine offers new hope for managing and living with Alzheimer’s. Dr. Peter Muran and his team are at the forefront of innovative Alzheimer’s treatment, committed to empowering patients and their families.

If you or a loved one is facing Alzheimer’s, reach out to Longevity Healthcare Center for a consultation. Discover how our personalized treatment plans can make a difference. Contact us at (949) 899-5377 or via email at

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