The Muran Method in Dana Point

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The Muran Method in Dana Point

The Muran Method in Dana Point

For those in Dana Point seeking an effective solution to substance abuse and health challenges, Longevity Healthcare Center in Newport Beach offers The Muran Method, a specialized detox program designed for a wide range of individuals, including professionals, young adults, veterans, seniors, and parents.

A Personalized Approach to Detox

The Muran Method is especially effective for individuals embarking on their first recovery journey or those who have previously tried other programs without success. Our approach includes managing “PAWS” (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms), crucial for maintaining physical sobriety and preventing the recurrence of cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Designed for the Dana Point Community

Recognizing the unique schedules and needs of our clients, The Muran Method offers flexible treatment options. This allows Dana Point residents to engage fully in the program while attending to their daily responsibilities, ensuring a balanced and sustainable recovery process.

Benefits of The Muran Method at Longevity Healthcare Center
  • Healing Environment: Our facility, a convenient drive from Dana Point, is meticulously designed to create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to recovery.
  • Professional, Caring Team: Our staff, comprised of experienced and compassionate professionals, is dedicated to supporting each client through their recovery journey.
  • Functional Medicine Approach: We utilize functional medicine to understand and address the root causes of addiction, tailoring treatments to each individual’s unique needs.
Why Choose The Muran Method Near Dana Point

For residents of Dana Point, The Muran Method at Longevity Healthcare Center represents a comprehensive path to recovery and wellness. Our blend of professional care, supportive environment, and personalized treatment approach makes us a top choice for those seeking recovery services.


Longevity Healthcare Center, conveniently located for Dana Point residents, is proud to offer The Muran Method as a transformative approach to overcoming addiction and health challenges. Our commitment to individualized care ensures a supportive and effective pathway to recovery.

If you’re in Dana Point and looking for a comprehensive detox and recovery program, The Muran Method at Longevity Healthcare Center is here to assist you. Contact us today to start your journey to a healthier and more balanced life.

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