Longevity Healthcare

Personalized IV therapy

With IV Therapy, you receive 1 liter of balanced-electrolyte fluid and high doses of each vitamin. The treatment lasts approximately 30-35 minutes. Injections take under 5 minutes and offer a quick boost/dose of each vitamin.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Relax the mind, maintain immune health, increase serotonin / dopamine levels and reduce anxiety/depression.

Dehydration (Hangover, Sports)

Reduce symptoms of dehydration, improve mental recovery, renew your liver and alleviate nausea.

Overweight, Gastrointestinal Issues

Boost your metabolism, increase energy and your natural ability to break down fat.

Cold, Flu, Low Energy, Aches

Prevent a cold, flu or allergy flare-up with a super boost of Vitamin C to your immune system.

Early Aging, Chronic Diseases

Reboot your body’s immune system and improve symptoms of fatigue and low mood.

COVID-19, Long Haul COVID-19

Balance your immune system to help reduce brain fog and fatigue while preventing illness. Increase your overall health and wellness.

Glutathione ( 1 or 2 gram)

Receive 1-2+ grams of this powerful antioxidant to help detoxify your body from reactive