Thank you to all our patients! Its a privilege and honor to be able to help each of you regain your health!

What Patients Say About Longevity Healthcare…..

“In order to treat a problem you have to figure out what’s wrong, so in my mind the best doctor is a good diagnostician. And, Dr. Muran is the best diagnostician I’ve ever worked with. He starts out by listening to me- really listening. Then he asks questions, and once again, listens. Then he collects data and makes recommendations. I feel that I’m getting the most thorough treatment possible when I see Dr. Muran.” S.B., Yelp

“I have been a patient of Dr. Peter Muran for several years. He is a doctor that many find after months or even years of misdiagnosis or no diagnosis from other mainstream doctors. The detailed care that patients need takes much longer than a typical 15 minute visit, and Dr. Muran charges a commensurate fee for his time. Fees are explained completely to all new patients.” Anonymous

“I just went to Longevity Healthcare Dr Muran. He was awesome! He put me on an anti-inflammatory diet. WOW I felt better the next week. I had no idea my sick feeling all the time was multiple food allergies. I now have them totally under control… thank you guys. I do recommend them.” Kimberly J; Yelp