Lyme Disease

As a Lyme literate physician, Dr Muran has been treating Lyme recovery for 15 years collaborating with Drs. Ray Jones, Ray Stricker, Joseph Jemsek and Richard Horowitz. As appears in Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment, the functional medicine approach uncovers the reasons for prior failures in treatment. Simply stated, the need to optimize the health of the body while eradicating the disease. Our practice is very active with the joys of success.

The Lyme disease’s challenge stems from Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb); a moving target with its multiple forms contributing to an amazing defense mechanism. It is the multiple changing of forms which permits the bacteria to be undetected by the immune system and untreated by certain antibiotic regimens. In an unstressed environment, Bb appears as an active spirochete with a cell wall. When environmentally stressed, it will change to a cystic form without a cell wall yet is surrounded by a protective biofilm. At a higher environmental stress level, Bb will invade the host’s cells and live as intracellular parasite. It can sustain itself in this intracellular state for 3 to 4 months. In thisintracellular form, it is completely concealed from the immune system and can return to the active spirochete form in a favorable environment.

Knowing these changes in morphology guides treatment changes that conform to the presentation and eradication of the disease. After obtaining a full and concise history and physical exam, the patient’s treatment is managed utilizing a functional medicine approach. The labs are used as guidelines to the treatment.

The treatment for Lyme disease could start out as oral antibiotics, or progress to the use of intravenous antibiotics or colloidal silver. During the whole course of treatment, the patient is supported to optimize strength and energy. The treatment GOAL is to strengthen the immune system enabling progression from antibiotics to supportive, friendly to the body, treatment with fewer side effects. As you will see, Lyme disease is not Lyme Disease