Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT

Our goal at Longevity Healthcare is to improve your health and happiness, which in some instances requires personalized hormone balancing and/or replacement. Our hormone program will deliver better quality of life and improved sense of well-being that you’llenjoy. In all instances, a thorough assessment to address the specific needs are based on the patient’s presentations.


The human body makes about 50 hormones. Some are more crucial for life than others. Cortisol, insulin and thyroid are hormones that are of higher life preserving need than estrogen and testosterone. As the science goes, if the body needs cortisol the brain will stop making the messaging hormone to testicle and ovaries decreasing the production of testosterone and estrogen. Subsequently, if the signaling for cortisol production is reduced then the production of testosterone and estrogen will increase.


In a similar manner insulin and glucose play a major role in metabolism and overall health of every cell in your body. This does not reduce the need for testosterone and estrogen, for these hormones help to strengthen the body and mind while keeping insulin resistance in balance.

Our patients have great results with hormone balancing and replacement because the whole hormonal profile is managed and optimize. For instance, many men are readily prescribed testosterone without looking at the more complicated profile. The result of this over-prescribing can result in testicular atrophy, shrinkage of the testicle, which could increase the problem in testosterone production. The management of andropause in our male patients helps us see if the testicles can produce an increase in testosterone on their own, which is a higher level of care then a pellet or cream. If they cannot produce sufficient levels of their own testosterone or request testosterone supplement then bioidentical testosterone is prescribed.

Women are relieved by our concern for the development of breast disease and the in-depth understanding of estrogen metabolism. We answer the question that if estrogen causes cancer then why does breast cancer occur when the women are in their 50/60’s and not in their 20/30’s when the estrogen is the lowest versus highest, respectively. We have the answer and the tools; see videos below.


All of our patients are informed to the benefits and drawbacks of the various treatment protocols for both men and women by choosing several different hormone vehicles and application modes –based on titration, physical evaluation and laboratory testing. Various testing methods are utilizing to optimize the understanding and implementing the most effective hormonal replacement necessary.


The BHRT administered are either small pellets, topical creams, oral and sublingual preparations or vaginal preparations.