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Opiate / Alcohol Addiction

The first step in addiction recovery is the recognition that there is a  problem. The recovery process can be delayed when a person lacks awareness of problematic substance use. Although interventions by concerned friends and family often prompt treatment, self-referrals are always welcome and encouraged.

The bad thing is sometimes there is a life event that brings the individuals to the point of recognition. Whether this has already happened to you or you want to change before it does. 

Schedule a Consultation
Initial Consultation

n-Person 90 Minute meeting with Dr Peter Muran. Discuss your situation, understand your pressures, history, environment - walk you through the treatment and the 3 day program

6 Hour Stay
Comfortable environment
Day One

You'll spend six hours in a comfortable environment, where you can

  • Rest peacefully
  • Work as needed
  • Spend time with friends and family
4 Hour Stay
Office Treatment
Day Two

You'll spend 4 hours in treatment with an option to talk to a psychologist . Continue the plan that has been outlined for you and are able to return home, work and start to begin a new life.

4 Hour Stay
Office Treatment
Day Three

You'll spend 4 hours in treatment with the option to speak with a psychologist. Today you are feeling more in control and ready to take back your life, cravings are gone and clarity begins.


Doctor Muran is amazing at what he does. I feel terrific, I feel wonderful, I should have suffered a lot more from what I was doing. I can't believe it see but

CG -

A 29 year old successful, male, director of sales and operations for a technology company in Silicon Valley addicted to heroine


Sillicon Valley

I have seen the Muran Method work and I want to see more of it.  I am deeply impressed by how quickly the patient is able to detox from the various addictive substances and move in to discussing in depth emotional and relationship issues pertaining to their prior addictive behaviors.

BW -

PHD Professor of Clinical Phycology -  recovery expert Orange County CA

Bob Weathers

California Southern University

One of the best things that I never had any pain or anguish. It was just comfortable relaxing feeling after initial treatment and I had very little time involved I spent the first 3 days maybe 5 to 6 hours in the office and then was able to go home.

JB –

A 53 year old female,  home appraiser, alcoholic. JB tried to get sober multiple times including an in stay  hospital treatment program



Southern California

Your Recovery is Possible

Alcohol or Opiate addiction is a medical condition that can be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. Both have symptoms with different levels – mild, moderate, or severe – and most importantly, the condition can be treated. At Longevity Healthcare our goal is to help you overcome addiction.