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Understanding Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol use disorder is capable of showing itself in a variety of ways. The overall severity of the addiction, how often the individual drinks and the amount of alcohol they consume can vary from person to person. Some people will drink heavily throughout the entire day. While on the other hand, some may binge drink for a short period and then stay sober for a while.

Alcohol use disorder has seen to cause a variety of changes to the brain and neurochemistry. An individual who is suffering from an alcohol addiction very well may not be able to control their actions. Alcohol is primarily known to be a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, slowing down the mental and bodily processes of an individual. With just one glass of alcohol, consumers may experience a decrease in anxiety, stress, and a few other feelings.

Common Symptoms & Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

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Being able to tell when one has a drinking problem isn’t always so clear. It’s hard to differentiate a casual social activity between a reoccurring health issue. Alcohol should never be the center of social activity, but rather a supplement to it.

When the problem starts to become more clear, individuals may start to see alcohol affecting more than just their social lives. Some of the early most common negative consequences of alcohol abuse include:

  • Problems at work
  • Withdrawing from daily activities
  • Financial instabilit
  • Sudden signs of physical harm or illness
  • Strained relationships
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As time goes on the signs become more apparent and some of the more commonly recognized symptoms and warning signs to watch for include:

  • Avoiding contact with friends and family members
  • Becoming dependent on alcohol to function in ordinary everyday life
  • Financial issues beginning to occur more often
  • Increased feelings of depression, anxiety, or other emotional issues
  • Only wanting to be in situations where alcohol is available while avoiding places where it is not
  • Regularly drinking at inappropriate times such as first thing in the morning, at work, etc.
  • Consumption of alcohol is growing and increased frequency of use
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If the warning signs are identified and, therefore, able to receive early treatment, that individual may be able to avoid the risks of experiencing any of the severe and sometimes dangerous consequences that are caused by this disease. Among the many symptoms that are linked to an alcohol use disorder, there are a good number of them that are more frequently seen than others.

Statistics On Alcohol Addiction And Abuse

Alcohol is the most widely-abused substance in the United States, yet alcoholism is often left untreated. Alcohol addiction is detrimental to a person’s physical, mental and social well being. Assembled statistics on alcohol use in the U.S. by StatPearls state that:

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  • Roughly 138 million people over the age of 12 actively use alcohol.
  • More than 66 million people (48%) of these users had binge drank in the past 30 days.
  • Of that 66 million people (48%), and  over 26 million people (26%)  binge drank five or more times in the past 30 days, accounting for over 45 million (12.5%) of all U.S. alcohol users.
  • More than 85,000 annual deaths are attributed to alcohol.
  • Every year, worldwide, alcohol is the cause of 5.3% of deaths (or 1 in every 20).
  • About 300 million people throughout the world have an alcohol use disorder.
  • On average, 30 Americans die every day in an alcohol-related car accident, and 6 Americans die every day from alcohol poisoning.
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  • Less than 10% of Americans who are addicted to alcohol ever receive treatment.
  • Men between the ages of 18 and 25 are most likely to binge drink and become alcoholics.
  • In 2017, approximately 2.3 million Americans between the ages of 12 and 17 and 2.4 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 started to drink alcohol.
  • In 2018, a historically-low percentage of American high school students reported drinking alcohol. Only 18% of 10th graders and 30% of 12th graders admitted to drinking underage in 2018 compared to 25% of 10th graders and 39% of 12th graders in 2013.


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Over 15 Million People In The USA Suffer From Alcohol Abuse But You Can Break Free From Alcohol With The Muran Method!


All Natural • Genetically Customized • Clinically Proven • Concierge Care

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Day 1

Have Clarity


Day 2

Feel Like Yourself


Day 3

Get Back to Your Life

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How To Get Your Life And Career Back On Track—In 3 Days!

You’re a high-performance professional.  When you or a loved one have a challenge with Alcoholism, you have a lot at risk and a lot on the line.

Your credentials, Your career, Your family and the lives of others…  They’re all at stake.

Now, You’re Only 3 Days From Being Clean And Clear

The Muran Method Is The Only 3-Day, Withdrawal-Free, Pain-Free Detox That:

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  • Provides confidential concierge care
  • Includes a patented mix of vitamins, minerals, supplements and natural substances that help your body detox quickly
  • Is clinically proven, based on peer-reviewed research
  • Is customized, based on genetic testing
  • Assures MD, ER and Functional Medicine Practitioner supervision
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What If Everything You’ve Been Told About Alcoholism Is Wrong?

Alcoholism Is Not A Moral Failure:  It’s Not Your Fault Or Their Fault.

When you or a loved one have a challenge with Alcoholism, it’s easy to blame relapses on weakness of character, lack of willpower, or moral failure.

Now For The Good News

It’s not your fault or their fault!  Yet, it’s still your responsibility to make better choices moving forward.

Here’s the Clinically Proven Truth About Alcoholism and Addiction:

It’s All About Inflammation, which is a Biological Set of Conditions Inflammation causes:

  • Anxiety, fear, depression and mood swings
  • Immune, hormonal and serotonin imbalances
  • Gastrointestinal distress and lack of nutrients
  • System imbalances and withdrawal symptoms


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The Muran Method Addresses Alcoholism At This Root Cause.

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After Your Muran Method Treatment

Dr. Muran utilizes the biopsychosocial model of treatment which can easily be demonstrated with the following stool illustration. Each leg of the stool represents one of the 3 domains of the Biopsychosocial model and each patient needs to have support in each of these areas in order to sustain long term sobriety.  As shown, if one piece is missing or lacking it sparks inflammations and stress in the body which often leads to relapse.


Dr. Muran manages the Biological domain and works to create trusted professional resources and connections in the social and psychological domains but to assure your success.

Dr. Peter Muran works with a team of professionals, who are available upon request, including:

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Nutrition Counseling through our PHD Nutritionist


Psychological / Social Counseling through Dr. Bob Weathers, PhD


Sober Companions for On-Going Support


Spiritual Interfaith Counselors, trained in all traditions

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