What Patients Say About Longevity Healthcare…..

“In order to treat a problem you have to figure out what’s wrong, so in my mind the best doctor is a good diagnostician. And, Dr. Muran is the best diagnostician I’ve ever worked with. He starts out by listening to me- really listening. Then he asks questions, and once again, listens. Then he collects data and makes recommendations. I feel that I’m getting the most thorough treatment possible when I see Dr. Muran.”

-S.B., Yelp.

“I went to Longevity Healthcare Dr Muran. He was awesome! He put me on an anti-inflammatory diet. WOW I felt better the next week. I had no idea my sick feeling all the time was multiple food allergies. I now have them totally under control… thank you guys. I do recommend them”

-Kimberly J; Yelp

“I have been a patient of Dr. Peter Muran for several years. He is a doctor that many find after months or even years of misdiagnosis or no diagnosis from other mainstream doctors. The detailed care that patients need takes much longer than a typical 15 minute visit, and Dr. Muran charges a commensurate fee for his time. Fees are explained completely to all new patients.”


“I am absolutely pleased with Dr. Muran, the care he provides, the time he spends to research, diagnose, and explain a medical condition. His compassion is reflected in the time he dedicates to each individual case. Dr. Muran’s staff is similarly top drawer. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Muran to anyone needing superior medical care. “

-Jan D, Yelp

“Dr. Muran is a doctor that works with you as a team to solve health issues other doctors can not figure out. He goes outside the box to get you answers to your concerns. He is extremely brilliant and caring. He is dedicated to you and gives you the time you need to make sure you understand everything. I recommend him highly to those who think they have reached the end of the road with a health problem.”

-Anonymous, ratemds.com

“Drs. Pete has been the answer to my health problems. Dr. Pete has detected and treated abnormalities in my system that have never been recognized before. I honesty believe that I would not be alive today if I had not started seeing Dr. Muran. Dr. Muran has been well worth it.”

-Norman, CitySearch

“Top Notch Doctor – If you are looking for the fountain of youth and outstanding health and well being…look no further! Dr. Muran changed our lives. They diagnosed us with Lyme disease after an 18 month journey with 12 specialists…all of whom had given up trying to figure out what was wrong with us. Just what our medical profession needs…thorough, persistent and genuinely interested in their patients achieving optimal health. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

-Vero Beach Honey, CitySearch

“YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!! – I would recommend Longevity Healthcare for individuals who want to be treated as a partner in their own health care. There are many facets to ones health. As we all know individuals are unique, and that is how you will be treated at Longevity. After 20 years of being told that I was overweight and received unclear answers to my medical issues, I decided to go to a doctor that would spend more than 15 minutes with me to discern what was really going on. Dr. Muran ran lab tests, some that I had not had before, and came up with the answers that paved the right path in my wellness walk. Dr. Muran went over my tests with me in great detail until I understood what was being reported. If I had questions they were answered completely. I appreciate and respect Dr. Peter Muran for his knowledge, patience and compassion that he reflects each time I have an appointment. He takes health care very seriously and treats each patient as an individual not as another face coming through he door. “

-Gunig, CitySearch

Thank you to all our patients! Its a privilege and honor to be able to help each of you regain your health!