Fix the Cause not just the symptom

When meeting someone for the first time to discuss their health concerns I focus on listening and understanding their mind, body and spirit. Together, we look at all the individual’s life experiences as a culmination expressed in their personal health profile. This is done without judgement of their past yet searching for their current road blocks, which have led to ill health. These road blocks to ill health are usually seen best using a functional medicine approach while integrating alternative medicine treatments.

For those not accustomed to the term of Functional Medicine, the practice is like a blend of internal medicine and naturopathic medicine. The difference is that Functional Medicine looks at the root cause, which can cause many conditions. In identifying this root cause there is an emphasis on external and internal environment, metabolic pathways, genetics, hormonal sufficiency, neurological and psychological wellbeing, immune health and modulation, detoxification efficacy of the liver and kidney, and gastrointestinal health. It also includes the balancing of the neurotransmitter and any influences of the DNA response.

The influences of DNA response, transcription, is known as epigenetics. Jeffery Bland, PhD, one of the founding fathers of The Institute of Functional Medicine, illustrates the role of epigenetics by comparing the DNA is like a computer’s hard drive with the epigenetics like the software of the computer. The epigenetics makes things happen.

Mind Body and Spirit

My goal is guiding the epigenetics to influence their body, mind and spirit to transcribe their DNA response to health and well being. This is personalized medicine working at the cellular communication level of our bodies. This is the description of Functional Medicine and has been the method of my medical practice since 1995. To grasp the depth and complexity of this treatment, we look at the individual from childhood to present and put together the hidden pieces giving a picture of their current health while designing a pathway whereby health improvement can occur. The course of treatment is followed by improvement of signs and symptoms accompanied by improvement of laboratory markers. These objective and subjective findings are based in science and supported by the current international literature. In most cases, a person following the requested treatment will show marked improvement within a month.

An in depth and understanding approach to disease stems from my personal experience. Doctors, like myself, are the worst patients and in some cases, do not take care of their health. A brief glance at my personal experience of the treated ailments include ulcerative colitis, which was mostly stressed and diet induced; Lyme disease, in a region where Lyme disease was not accepted by the medical community; heart attack, caused by blockage three major coronary arteries; and colon cancer, which originated from colitis. I am currently at trim and healthy 185 pounds and do cardiovascular exercise routinely.

The remedies of my personal struggles were refined and help my patients. Experiencing the problems personally has made a big difference in understanding the emotional stress that goes along with the disease process and the empathy that is shared with my patients.
I look forward to meeting you.

Best Regards,
Dr. Pete