Office Staff

Dr. Peter Muran

Peter J. Muran, MD

Peter J. Muran, MD is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, with a background in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, ER services, Natural Medicine and Nutrition, Chemistry and Engineering. His methodologies are very personal with focus on the causes of disease and disease processes.

Dr. Muran’s training and experiences integrate the cause and effect of the individual’s condition to determine the exacting remedies that potentiate the recovery of the patient.  Training and experience have led Dr. Muran to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Auto-Immune Disease, and Hormonal Imbalance.  He believes the best first step is to collect a complete ancestry history (to evaluate DNA), full medical history, and consider environmental and social histories, to analyze, diagnosis and treat the patient entirely from complete, fresh and modern perspective.

As this training and experience relate to treating addiction diseases, Dr. Muran believes the best first step to breaking addiction’s grip is the effective neutralization the substance’s inherent toxicity. In addition to eliminating the toxicity he works to reduce the inflammation caused by their metabolites. The next step involves evaluates a patient’s genetic, medical, social, psychological histories to identify potential root causes of addiction.  Their are a  variety of substances that Dr. Muran treats such as alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines.  In conclusion, Dr. Muran works to detox not only the substance but the whole body.


Kyla Peters

Kyla has her bachelor’s Degree in health science studies, but her passion runs deeper than a degree.  Kyla has personal experience with discouraging and unusual health complications.  This leads to an organic connection with the patients and a unique special interest in each patients well being.

Kyla is the office manager at Longevity Healthcare.  Often refered to as Dr. Muran’s right-hand lady, Kyla does a variety of work from charting to patient requests to appointment booking .   Kyla is always available for any patient questions or concerns and works to get them resolved quickly.